1-5 years - Quality Handmade Kid's Timber Picnic Table - "Mini" Stained


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Our Stained table is one of our most popular kids picnic tables as they are built to withstand the harsh sun, rain, Crayon, Beetroot ect. The Stain is a 3 part system and entails of a acid scrub, a tinted sealer coat and 2 coats of an industrial grade coating. This is no ordinary dosmetic stain, Boscote is a speciality coating made by Bostik Australia http://boscote.com.au/boscotetfexterior.html and is specified by Architects/Designers on Army Barracks & Boat Harbours. 

Handmade with AUSTRALIAN standard STRUCTURAL PINE the tables are solid and built to last.

Below we have outlined the exact specifics of the table - please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any queries we have not managed to answer.

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All tables sent via courier are flat packed, local pickups are general left assembled, please let us know if you would prefer your pick up flat packed. If flat packed the tables can be put together very simply with a 5mm allen key and a 17mm spanner socket.