Furniture for Child Care Centres

All our products have been designed to flat pack and be easily assembled by anyone with limited skills or tools. Because they are compactly flatpacked we can send them anywhere in Australia at a reasonable price and can have them delivered to your door or available at a local depot (works out approx 30% cheaper.

Stained Coating

We use a 2 part industrial grade coating which consist of "Boscote Prime All UV"  and  "Boscote Decks" both of these products are a water based coating and classified as a "non hazardous substance". Boscote is a very well known product in the commerical building industry and is specified by many architects on Marina's,Army Barracks, Architectual wood cladding, Handrails and weather exposed art work. 

These products are very expensive as they are a premium water based coating and the only coating in the market that will withstand the harsh treatment these tables will be inevitably endure. The majority of Childcare Centres we supply want a heavy duty coating that can handle full sun exposure as well as food, kids paint, and croyon/pencil marks, the Boscote coating is the answer and we have been back to tables that are 2-3 year old and they show very minimal signs of damage.


All our painted tables have three coats of Exterior paint. All our timber is sealed & primed using a Taubmans Grey undercoat and then they have 2-3 coats of either Taubmans endure or Dulux Aquamax Exterior Gloss (depends on the colour), both are a high quality water based Acrylic. We lightly sand between coats to make sure the table has a smoothly and silky finish suitable for any precious bottom.


The timber we use is a untreated Kiln dried pine from slow growth sustainable forests and trees are 30-45 years old, this ensures that the timber we get is relatively knot free and is water stablized to avoid shrinkage / cracking.


We use heavy-duty batten screws that are ceramic coated; this coating is a European finish and is rated to be more durable than a "Class 4 Galvanised" coating. It also doesn't oxidise/react with any of the stained or painted finishes, as it doesn't consist of heavy minerals.

Some recent Feedback from a the Bayview C&K Kingergarten  

Just thought I would let you know that we love our picnic tables that we got from you guys.  We now have a new group of children this year and they request to have a picnic each day so they can sit at the tables.    They are so much more practical than the adult size one we use to have and they look great in our yard.  They are holding up great.  We don't place them away every night so they just sit out in the weather.   Really wishing we had of got another one now.