Mini Plus Colonial - Tea Party anyone ?
White Mini Table

Welcome to Tiny Tables

We have 3 sizes of Kids Picnic Tables to cater for all ages, all of which an adult can sit at
All ages suggestions are guide only and may vary depending on your child.

"Mini" Picnic Table

Suit Children aged 12mths to 5yrs Recommended for home use as it sits 4 children comfortably and although it is very solid and stable an adult can easily move it around.

"Mini Plus" Picnic Table

Suits Children aged 2 to 7yrs Is our most popular size for Childcare Centres, Kindergartens, Preschools and Home Daycares. It seats 3 kids on each side and one on each end. The top is a little bit wider to accommodate kids lunchboxes and is slightly higher to cater for kids to stand at while eating.

"Maxi" Picnic Table

Suits Children aged 4 - Full size Adult This size Timber table is very versatile and we sell these ones to many businesses (Wineries, Cafes, Swimming pools), councils, Schools and retail who want a outdoor table for their Garden or Deck that will be used regularly

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All sized tables are ergonomically designed to make so that kids can naturally climb onto, sit at comfortably and get down safely,
to ensure safe regular use.

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